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Henning Bork

Dr. Henning Bork


Group CIO

Current Function Group CIO ASMPT.  Responsible for all ASMPT IT functions globally.

ASMPT is a leading supplier for machines for semiconductor backend chip production and electronics production (SMT). ASMPT has a revenue of 2” BN USD and is headquartered in Singapore.

Previously (VP Digitalisation & Strategy for SMT Segment) central role in defining corporate Strategy and Implementation for the SMT Segment from ASMPT, responsible for Digitalization of ASM SMT Solutions Segment incl. IT.

M&A responsibility included both DEK and Critical Manufacturing acquisition & integration.

Since 2000 working for SIPLACE (ASMPT SMT) in multiple functions: R&D, Director Projectmanagement.

Dr. / PHD: Simulation of automotive drive trains, TU Munich, Germany.

University: Mechanical Engineering TU Darmstadt, Germany / UC Berkeley, USA.

Ranked TOP 10 in the 2023 CIO of year Award Germany.