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Gordon Millar

Gordon Millar


Security & Resiliency Consulting

Gordon Millar joined the business continuity industry as a Business Continuity Analyst for Bankers Trust in September 1995; although an earlier career in IT operations and project management provided a sound foundation.  Gordon went on to work in a Business Continuity consulting role for Standard Life Insurance before joining IBM in 2001, where he was the WW Global Partner specialising in Resiliency in the Financial Sector although he has worked extensively in Retail, Airline, Oil & Gas Industries also. 

Gordon is a trusted advisor to many Bank CIO, COO’s. and continues to retain these relationships.

Gordon has worked in IT Strategy and Architecture and has delivered numerous Data Centre Strategy engagements around the Globe and is also a Kyndryl SME in the Data Centre Migration competency having worked as the Resilience lead on numerous large complex Data Centre Consolidations and migrations.

Gordon has developed numerous IBM/Kyndryl Points of View in relation to Resilient architectures and Operational Risk and has also developed IBM/Kyndryl  offerings in the area of Data Centre audits and IT Infrastructure Design audits using CFIA and FMEA techniques

Gordon has been involved in many of the largest recent  IT outage post-mortems and Root Cause Analysis investigations including RBS CA failure (2012), Delta Airlines PDU failure (2015), SGX Disk failure  (2016) British Airways LV switch failure (2017), ADIB Bank DC Flood (2016) , TSB Bank migration  (2018) , Multiple Clients (Non-Petya impact post –mortems (2017/18)